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Fox Island Grita

Fox Island Rock x Fox Island Janet
BAER: Normal / CERF: Clear (08/2011)

Whelped: October 24, 2004
Height: 13.50"
Color: Tri
Coat: Broken
Bred by Dan Grimmel and Cherri Oliver, Grita is truly an amazing terrier. Not only is she an incredibly beautiful terrier, she is a "textbook" mover, with incredible reach and drive. She is lightly broken, with a very small chest for a 13.50" terrier, has a perfect topline, a narrow front, beautifully laid back shoulder, and a very strong rear. (What else would you expect from a Fox Island bred bitch!)

Grita is a strong worker, with an incredible drive that "gets her where she needs to go". She is also a clown - always doing something to make us laugh. She has had a successful show career, but now has settled down to raise the next generation of Northgate pups for us.

Watch for Grita's puppies in 2012, by Royal Titan.

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