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Northgate Carson


Royal Cody x Little Eden Brillo
BAER: Normal

Whelped: October 17, 2011
Height: 12.50"
Color: Tri
Coat: Lightly Broken
Carson's breeding was a "tweaking" of the cross that produced Northgate Britton, and this fantastic little bitch has truly has exceeded our expectations. She has a harsh lightly broken coat, excellent structure and movement, and a great attitude.

Carson had a fantastic puppy career, with several Puppy Championships to her credit, culminating in the 2012 JRTCA National Puppy Conformation Championship. If all of that wasn't enough, just to prove that function does follow form, Carson also has several Puppy Racing Championships to her credit, including the 2012 JRTCC National Pupppy Racing Championship! She started her adult career with a Reserve Open Terrier Championship at the 2012 Yuletide show.

Carson will start in the field in 2013!

Carson's show highlights include the following honors:

2012 JRTCA National Trial, National Puppy Conformation Champion
2012 JRTCA National Trial, National Best Bitch Puppy
2012 JRTCC National Trial, National Under Puppy Racing Champion
2012 Carolinas I, Under Puppy Racing Champion
2012 Yuletide, Reserve Open Terrier Champion
2012 Huntington Hunt, Reserve Best Bitch Puppy
2012 Yankee I, Reserve Best Bitch Puppy
2012 Carolinas Spring Classic I & II, Reserve Best Bitch Puppy
2012 Spring Fever I, Best 4-6 Month Puppy

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